Pierre Mooonswear.  Pronounced "Moon Swear".  Not "Moons Wear".  Because my clothing is totally intergalactic but unsuitable for moon attire.  You'll have to shop elsewhere for that.  I can give you two things in life:


A. Some of the best damn vintage the world has ever seen.

B. Unique re-worked vintage ever seen.  I began doing this years ago in order to help sell items that didn't move fast enough.  When I lived in Astoria NYC I had this bin on my rear balcony I called the “Bucket of Fuck It."  Here I would place items that didn't sell because the style was off, stains or just plain old boring.  I mean cut me a break it took me years to hone my vintage skills!  The response was phenomenal.  The buyers at NY famous vintage store "Beacons Closet" (if you're in the city ya gotta go!) were very supportive.  They told me I was onto something.  Couple years went by and I started seeing some of the dye, overdye and wash patterns I was doing pop-up on brands I loved like Ralph Lauren, ACNE STUDIOS, and many more.  Now, please understand I am NOT saying they stole from me.  I wish I could!  But I was certainly at the crux and apex of that experimentation at that time.  And I never would have had the confidence in it if it wasn't for certain people at Beacon's Closet.  So no matter what it was communal.  Keep an eye out for the latest in dye/wash experimentation!  More stamping!!  Please stay tuned!